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Website Seminar titles with Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed (USA)

  1. How to decide on a spouse?
  2. Purpose of creation beyond marriage
  3. Serenity after marriage
  4. How to achieve the ideal form of love
  5. and many more…
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  1. Recovering for a better tomorrow
  2. Purpose of adversities throughout life
  3. The inner fight against worldly desires
  4. Returning on the path towards Allah
  5. and many more…
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  1. Saving our self while navigating this dunya
  2. Adversity in this life for eternal bliss in the Next
  3. Utilising our wealth in the path of Allah
  4. Fulfilling our roles on this Earth
  5. and many more…
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  1. How to continually develop our spirituality
  2. Purifying our soul
  3. Deficiencies within our soul
  4. Humility over arrogance
  5. and many more…
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  1. Dealing with Depression, Stress, Mental Health and Sihr (Magic)
  2. Don’t be Sad
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  1. Art of Forgiveness
  2. Addressing Abuse Correctly
  3. Perfecting Patience
  4. Repairing Events from our History
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