Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By becoming a member of our website www.yasminmogahedtv.com, you agree to the following:

Username Details

1) The username and password of your membership will not be shared with any individual(s), group or third party. The membership is strictly for your use only.

Private Content of Membership and Copyright

 1) Membership will allow you to access private videos, live stream links and other materials. This will not be shared with any individual(s), group or third party.

2) There will be no attempt to record, save or distribute or any of the content found on Yasmin Mogahed TV or provided by Yasmin Mogahed TV. All content is owned globally and under copyright law by Yasmin Mogahed TV.

Respect Code

1) All members are obliged to be respectable and courteous towards other members of Yasmin Mogahed TV alongside our team. Any forms of abuse or discrimination will not be tolerated, and Yasmin Mogahed TV has full rights to cancel your membership immediately.

Our website is a safe space for every member with a zero policy on anti social behaviour. The website membership is open to all.


We have a monthly and yearly membership. For the monthly membership, we will charge your card on a monthly basis. For the yearly membership, we will charge your appointed card on a yearly basis.

Please ensure to use a card which is not expiring soon since re enrolment may be required again if the card expires.

We recommend using your own debit or credit card when paying for membership. If you are using a card not belonging to you, please ensure to have full consent before proceeding with payment.

Cancellation Policy

We have 2 memberships. The following concerns the memberships:

Monthly Membership: A minimum of 6 months must be completed before a cancellation request is authorised.

Yearly Membership: This is non refundable for the year and a year must be completed before cancelling. The yearly membership is cheaper overall.


Yearly Membership: Yearly membership will be automatically renewed after the completion of a year unless prior notice of 14 days is given before the renewal date to terminate the membership.

For cancellation queries, please email info@yasminmogahedtv.com.

Please note, any bank transfer fees when refunding will also be removed from the amount of the refund